MeetUp: Building & Selling Client Portals with WordPress

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UPDATE: Get the replays & slides linked below this post!

If you build & sell WordPress websites for clients, you know that client communication can lead to a lot of frustration.

You’ve tried Google Drive, Dropbox, email, help desk solutions, and project management tools, but nothing seems to stick!

You may have heard that your solution is a client portal. Maybe you’ve tried using Client Portal systems & couldn’t get your clients to adapt to the change.

We at AbstractWP have struggled with various Client Portal solutions & want to share our entire process for creating great use client portal experiences.

The best part is that everything you learn from creating a great client experience can be sold to your existing clients! Accountants, salons, custom retailers, and numerous other SMBs don’t need a website – they need a client portal!

What You’ll Learn

  • Client onboarding: Registering & onboarding your client with forms
  • User roles & permissions: ensure your client only gets access to exactly what they need while allowing your team to collaborate
  • Custom notifications: Send e-mails & Slack messages to keep your client engaged
  • Gathering feedback: Use form systems and Projecthuddle to track feedback
  • Usage analytics: make sure your client is using the portal & completing tasks
  • What to put in the portal: documentation, support forms, & actions to drive adoption!

MeetUp Details

Join us on September 8th at 5 PM Eastern Standard Time.

RSVP in the WordPress NYC MeetUp Group.

This MeetUp requires zero coding & many of the tools we use are “no code” solutions.

Slides, & other resources will be released shortly after the MeetUp.

UPDATE: We will be recording. This is the first iteration & we are using the event for feedback. Therefore, the replay will only be available via RSVP for 7 days.

Recordings & Slides

MeetUp: Building & Selling Client Portals: Zoom Recording | Slide Deck | Masterclass Updates