MeetUp Series: Modern Atomic WordPress Project Workflows

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UPDATE: Get the replays & slides linked below this post!

WordPress has changed a lot over the last 6 years. We have heard a lot of frustration from various agencies, senior developers, and businesses struggling completing modern WordPress projects.

While we have had similar frustrations, we have developed solutions & processes allowing us to complete projects that take months down to weeks.

We’ve decided to share this in a new 4 part MeetUp series (virtually) through WordPress NYC.

Links to each of the MeetUp presentations & summary of topics are linked below.

July 20 – 01: Preparing for a Rebuild or Refactor

You can’t just turn on the block editor – even for new projects. Page builders, custom fields, and dynamically inserted content. How do you move it into blocks? Should you move it into blocks? Should you just rebuild? All these will be questions explored.

July 27 – 02: Atomic WP Information Architecture & Planning

What makes WordPress the world’s most powerful CMS is extensibility of content workflows. In it’s latest iteration, WordPress has become an Atomic CMS. We’ll explore how to leverage these capabilities during content planning.

August 3 – 03: Design Systems & Atomic Development

Most WordPress websites are incomplete when it comes to design. A user or admin shouldn’t need to visit multiple pages to update an element. We’ll share how to use design systems to dictate the development of your atomic WordPress CMS.

August 10 – 04: Developer Pipelines, Automation, & Testing

A lot of projects waste time on “how should this be done?” and “who knows the best way?” By adding testing standards to automatically review code & content before starting a project we save hundreds of hours. Now you will too 🙂

Recordings & Slides

MeetUp 01 Zoom Recording | Slide Deck

MeetUp 02 Zoom Recording | Slide Deck

MeetUp 03 Zoom Recording | Slide Deck

MeetUp 04 Zoom Recording | Slide Deck