An Abstract Agency partners with programs such as All Star Code & ScriptEd to help young students of diverse backgrounds work on real-world projects. We mentor and train them in the skills they need to be professional coders and help them deliver projects of the highest quality.

Why Students Need Our Projects

There is a lack of diversity in tech but educating students from a diverse background can only go so far.

Students need real world experience starting at an early age. Internship opportunities for high school students are extremely limited.

Where Abstract (and You) Can Help.

Most of our students have completed a summer education program in a professional environment with over 240 hours of real coding. Most have completed amazing projects on their own (examples: 1, 2, 3).

Now they need to build their portfolio to compete in the real world. This is where your project helps.

All Star Code MLB

Wouldn’t a new coder mess up my project?

On their own, probably yes! We’ve worked with a lot of junior coders and without mentorship and help, there’s a high chance they won’t know the best techniques and the right way to go about a project. That’s why we mentor them for you.

It’s the best of both worlds. You get to help change diversity in tech with the benefit of having expert coders to make sure everything is on track and up to the highest and latest standards.

How do I know your students are good?

Our student coders have trained on site with partners such as Citigroup, Major League Baseball, and Goldman Sachs.

These companies continue to partner with All Star Code & ScriptEd because of their high success rate helping students learn pro standards.

Student coders have attended a summer course intensive which gets students building professional-level sites with guidance.

Every coder on your project will have been through the whole course and vetted.


How much do you charge?

Each project is completely different. As you’re working with junior coders, we can competitively price projects to suit your budget.

As our coders are new, projects may take a little longer to finish but you’ll be working with multi-faceted professionals who are keen to put their new skills to the test and learn from the best.

We will always try to fit within a reasonable budget for your project. You should not expect get a full social media tech-startup for $100, but on the opposite end, we will not charge you anywhere close to the sky-high prices that some companies would.

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Can you do my site for free?

No. We believe in paying people fairly. We will consider a discount for charities and non-profits but this is up to the discretion of the junior coders.

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